Making DSC awesome

I've lately been fooling around with the Desired State Configuration capabilities in Windows. Having done a bit of deployment to servers, as well as developer machine maintenence, I can say I'm pretty tired of doing one-off scripts for unicorn problems. »

Make Chromecast dim down Philips Hue lights when launching an app

Quick hack to make make Philips Hue light bulbs dim down when using Chromecast (or, more specifically, when certain apps are open). »

Wall mounted Arduino display

For the last few months, my ongoing, slowly paced project, has been making a wall mounted display. I recently bought an Arduino to play around with, and wanted to find some semi-useful purpose for it (probably to justify the purchase) »

Trommelyd goes i18n!

Today marks the day of Trommelyd going global! For a while, Trommelyd for Android has existed in a slightly alternate international coating, and it's now the time for Drumsound to make an appearance. So far, there is no "magic" transition »

Connection trouble, solutions, epiphanies..

Last week, my trusty old server recently went down, or more correctly, the internet connection it resides on, for a pretty prolonged period of time. Shouldn't really be a big surprise, and some might say that it was a miracle »

What has been done, what will be done?

So far, I've released a few versions of the Trommelyd Android™ application. These releases has mostly been to get the application up to a point where it is both stable enough and has enough features to be used reliably and »